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Twisted Earth Artistry

Hot / Cold Pack Covers

Hot / Cold Pack Covers

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Our Hot/ Cold Covers provide an easy and efficient way to use hot/cold packs or even a frozen pack of peas. Crafted with a cozy flannel material, our covers are handmade to keep you dry and comfortable. No buttons, zippers, velcro or snaps needed, making them easy to use in a pinch. Enjoy a therapeutic experience with our fun covers. All handmade with care by me. 💖

Now Offering Luxe Flannel 

Available in 2 New Styles 

Perfect for:

  • hot flashes
  • PMS
  • Cold Feet
  • Cold Hands
  • chronic pain 
  • headaches, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia ect..
  • after dental care 
  • post surgical care 
  • injury care
  • at home therapy needs
  • hot weather 
  • anytime you need to use a hot/ cold pack
  • Fits 6 x10 hot cold packs with room
  • Covers are approx. 11" long  x 7" high 

*We are only selling the covers. No hot or cold packs included. 

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