About Us

Twisted Earth Artistry started as Twisted Gears Jewelry several years ago.  We saw a need for elegant, handcrafted jewelry with echoes of steampunk interwoven in the design.  The initial response was overwhelmingly positive, and our jewelry found a niche that allowed continued success within our business. 

However, as with all businesses, we continued to evolve and found ourselves curating new handcrafted jewelry.  Different mixtures of metal, stone and other media slowly enhanced our collection while holding on to the funky elegance of our past.  The materials drawn from the earth and brought to life in our singular pieces of jewelry, reflect our planet as our mother and home with its stunning beauty and endless capacity to surprise.  With this new tangent in our business we recognized the need to evolve our name to further encompass our goal of showcasing the beauty all around us.  Thus, Twisted Earth Artistry was born!

At Twisted Earth Artistry it is our commitment to provide high quality jewelry that hearkens to the wonders of the Earth, while accenting your beauty and letting it shine through in your own unique style.  We will challenge the status quo by holding to our roots as creators, allowing us to provide you with pieces that are as unique as they are surprising.

Thank you again for visiting Twisted Earth Artistry where we strive to create and source the quality jewelry that will set you apart from the crowd and ensure your beauty captures whatever room you find yourself in!