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Twisted Earth Artistry

Amethyst Crystal Wands | Raw Points

Amethyst Crystal Wands | Raw Points

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Amethyst crystal wands are known in the metaphysical world as master healer products. A popular stone for it's rich color, calming and protective elements as well as the connection to the third eye and crown chakras. It enhances intuition and calms the mind. 

A splendid duo of entirely natural, raw amethyst points, or 'wands. Hold them in your pocket, place around your home, give it to a loved one, or use it in a crystal grid.


  • I am amazing in my own distinctive way. 

Stone Details:

  • #1  3 3/8" L (Approximate) Weight 2.2 oz
  • #2  3 1/2" L (Approximate) Weight 2.7 oz
  • Genuine Amethyst
  • February's birthstone
  • Freeform 


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