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Twisted Earth Artistry

Kyanite Orange Pendant

Kyanite Orange Pendant

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This is the Stone of Creativity, perfect for entertainers, writers, creatives ect. It aids in openly expressing your creative thinking, sexuality and the ability to clearly feel. A fairly new gemstone found only in Tanzania. The color is very different that the typical blue Kyanite your may be familiar with, which is from inclusions of Manganese. Giving the unique golden brown/ orange color. 


  • Orange Kyanite
  • Sterling Silver
  • A. Length Includes Bail: 6.35mm x 57.15mm
  • B. Length Includes Bail: 6.35mm x 44.45mm
  • C. Length Includes Bail: 4.76mm x 49.21mm
*Each size show the exact piece you will get when you choose it in the menu. 
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