Ring Sizing Guide


Two Ways to Find Your Ring Size at Home


At Twisted Earth Artistry we love curating a collection of high-quality, all natural handmade jewelry pieces that are as unique as they are surprising. One thing we don’t want to be a surprise? The fit of your beautiful new ring! To accurately find your ring size you don’t need to head out to a jeweler, pull out your printer, or use fancy tools. 
Here are two ways you can easily find your ring size using materials you already have around the house. All you need is a ruler and either a piece of string or a ring you already own. 
If you don’t have a ruler, the measuring tape in your toolbox or soft tape in your sewing kit will work just as well. It just needs to be able to measure in mm. And your string can be a piece of yarn, ribbon, twine, or even a strip of paper no wider than ¾ inch.  

Finding Your Ring Size by Measuring Your Finger

  • A 3 inch piece of string or strip of paper no wider than ¾ inch.  
  • A ruler
  • Optional: A marker
The Steps
  • Taking your string, gently wrap it around the finger you would like to wear your new ring on. Pulling the string too tightly as you measure can cause it to stretch and give an inaccurate measurement. Mark where the string overlaps itself with a marker or by pinching that section.
  • Lay your string out straight on a flat surface and measure its length in mm. 
  • Using the chart below to find the ring size that best matches your measurement. 

Finding Your Ring Size From a Ring You Own


  • A ring that fits the same finger you would like to wear your new ring on 
  • A ruler 
The Steps 
  • Take your ring and measure the length across the middle from edge to edge. 
  • Use the chart below to match your measurement to its corresponding ring size.
Extra Tips for an Accurate Measurement
  • A properly fitting ring is snug enough that it can not slip off the finger, yet loose enough that it can comfortably slip over the knuckle with a little resistance 
  • Fingers on our dominant hand tend to be bigger than those on our non-dominant. For a perfect fit, it’s best to measure the finger on the hand you intend to wear the ring on most.
  • For those with a knuckle slightly larger than their finger, you’ll want to also measure your knuckle as well. Using this measurement and that of your finger choose a ring size that falls between the two.  
  • Very cold and very hot weather can cause fingers to shrink or swell. To ensure an accurate ring size, avoid taking measurements in these circumstances.